Why engage Finishing Touch for your pool safety inspection?

 Our business is based on three principles:

  • Our customers want to get their pools up to scratch in the fastest, easiest way possible - at a fair price.
  • Our customers value professionalism and relevant experience.
  • Our customers want their pool area to not only be compliant but look its best. So we consistently design and carry out repairs to the highest standard of workmanship, and guarantee our work, no questions asked.

We maintain $11M insurance in both professional indemnity and public liability - most inspectors only carry $1M and only professional indemnity.  This means they're only insured to give advice, not to touch anything.  

We keep stock on hand of all the commonly needed tools and compliance repair items. We regularly attend QBCC and other industry seminars, take Continuous Professional Development courses, and subscribe to pool safety and building newsletters to keep up with the latest regulations and repair techniques. 

 When we inspect and find non-compliances, we can either: 

  • fix them on the spot;
  • issue a quote to return and fix them; or
  • design tailored solutions and detailed specifications if you choose to fix them yourself. 

Because of our unconditional pool safety inspector licence, we're authorised to carry out any kind of repair.

80% of our inspections result in certificates within 48 hours of the call.

With a single phone call to 0412-424-590 or email to Finishing Touch, you can arrange an inspection, get anything fixed that needs fixing, and obtain your pool safety certificate.

One call. One visit. Done.

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