What We Do

Finishing Touch doesn't do everything. What we do, we do well, and fast. Our services are designed to help you with the things you need to do if you are selling, buying, leasing, renovating or bringing your pool fence up to compliance.

 Pool Safety Services

  • Formal inspections and certificates
  • Pre-auction and pre-purchase inspections
  • Consultations
  • Phone-in advice, clarification of regulations, pool registry checks & updates

 Pool Compliance Repairs

  • Designing compliance solutions *
  • Adjusting, replacing and re-positioning latches & hinges *
  • Installing hinge safety caps *
  • Eliminating minor hazards *
  • Installing safety signs  * 
  • Installing & adjusting gate springs *
  • Re-attaching loose palings *
  • Replacing broken & missing palings
  • Disabling or restricting sliding doors & windows *
  • Raising or lowering fence panels *
  • Changing direction of gate swing *
  • Removing climbable branches *
  • Fixing loose fittings *
  • Installing custom-made shields
  • Replacing corroded fittings *
  • Installing timber splays
  • Permanently securing gates *

   * We normally carry out these repairs on-the-spot (during the first inspection)

What We Don't Do

Finishing Touch is in the business of inspections and consultations. As a service to our inspection customers -- a service offered by very few other inspectors -- we carry out a variety of minor fence and gate repairs. Finishing Touch is not a fencing company, nor is it a handyman service. We do not:

  • take on large repairs such as double paling, building new fences, re-routing fences or replacing or re-concreting posts. For this type of work we maintain a list of reputable tradesmen (see our Resources page);
  • carry out compliance repairs based upon Non-conformity reports issued by other inspectors; 
  • provide free call-outs to measure and quote for repairs, unless we have carried out an inspection or consultation first.

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