Inspection Pricing

Finishing Touch inspection pricing is based on two factors:

1. type of inspection

2. driving distance

To work out your price, first decide which type of inspection you need based on the descriptions below. Then look up the price for that type of inspection in Table A. Finally, add the "Distance Fee" from Table B.

Inspection Types


This type of inspection is meant for pool owners who are not required to obtain a certificate (see our The Queensland Compliance Deadline page); they simply want to know what they need to do to bring their fencing up to compliance.

It is also meant for pool owners who are planning renovations, fence replacements or extensions, and want to ensure that their design will comply with the latest regulations.

Following a Consultation, Finishing Touch sends the pool owner a copy of the inspector's notes in the form of a to-do list. For an additional fee (shown in Table A below), the inspector provides a typed report including photos, diagrams and measurements pertaining to recommended solutions.


The "Premium" inspection is unique to Finishing Touch. It's designed to remove the entire burden of compliance from the pool owner.

The Premium inspection is intended for pool owners who are required to obtain a certificate (sellers, landlords, body corporates and buyers with a Form 36).

It includes: hinge tension adjustment, latch adjustment, one half hour of on-the-spot repairs (plus materials), custom solution design, measure and quote for any repairs that cannot be done on-the-spot, and a reduced price of $20.00 for a safety sign, including installation.


Careful buyers often carry out building and pest inspections prior to finalising their offer for a property. It is wise to conduct a pool safety inspection as part of the due diligence process, before the contract has gone unconditional. This is because, unlike a building or pest inspection report, non-compliances in a pool safety report are required by law to be rectified, either by the vendor or the buyer.

A Finishing Touch "Pre-Purchase" inspection, which is initiated and paid for by the buyer, is as thorough as a formal (Premium) inspection. Its purpose is to inform the buyer of what will need to be done to bring the pool fencing up to compliance and ready for certification. A Pre-Purchase inspection includes a detailed report and, if applicable, a repair estimate.


All prices are GST-inclusive

TABLE A  Inspection Fees


TABLE B  Distance Fees

Post Codes                                                                            Distance Fee (per visit)   

4069 Pullenvale

$  0.00

4069 other suburbs




4053-4068, 4073-4078, 4300-4306


4000-4013, 4101-4124, 4152, 4169-4171


4021-4032, 4151, 4271, 4500



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