Free Pool Safety Inspection Checklist

Finishing Touch's pool safety inspection checklist is unlike any other you'll find anywhere. Instead of simply copying and pasting from someone else's website, we crafted ours to make it directly applicable to Brisbane and comprehensive enough to ensure that nearly anyone who uses it will pass inspection the first time around. The checklist was compiled by our BSA-licensed Builder and licenced pool safety inspector, with years of experience repairing pool barriers, inspecting and certifying pools.

This checklist includes all of the key items we check during a pool safety inspection, and provides alternative ways of correcting typical non-compliances, as well as suggestions about where to find the best deals in Brisbane for the supplies you might need.

We hope you find this checklist useful. But if you'd prefer to leave it to the experts, just give us a call on 0412-424-590. We'll come out fast, identify any non-compliances, fix them on the spot (we bring all the commonly needed supplies and tools with us), then issue your certificate.

No cryptic Non-conformity reports. No hunting for tradesmen. No re-inspections. No surprises.


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